Sketch 44.1 轻量易用的矢量设计工具

Sketch 44.1 轻量易用的矢量设计工具

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最新版本 44.1
类别 图形设计
更新时间 2017-06-14

Sketch(App Store 精华) 是最强大的移动应用矢量绘图设计工具,对于网页设计和移动设计者来说,比PhotoShop好用N倍!尤其是在移动应用设计方面,Sketch 3 的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,并且功能更加强大易用。能够大大节省设计师的时间和工作量,非常适合进行网站设计、移动应用设计、图标设计等


Sketch(App Store 精华) 是最强大的移动应用矢量绘图设计工具,对于网页设计和移动设计者来说,比PhotoShop好用N倍!尤其是在移动应用设计方面,Sketch 的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,并且功能更加强大易用,支持自动切图,并且具有移动设计模板,能够大大节省设计师的时间和工作量,非常适合进行网站设计、移动应用设计、图标设计等。


Version 42:

  • Export Presets – You can now define Export presets, containing multiple scales and filetypes to be applied to slices and exportable layers with a single click.
  • Touch Bar Support – Sketch supports Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro – allowing you to quickly access tools and features straight from the keyboard.


  • The maximum zoom level has been increased four times to 25600% to allow more precise pixel work
  • During vector editing, clicking the first point will now close the path
  • Slice layers can now be hidden along with any other layer type
  • Sub-paths can now be hidden and are thereby excluded from boolean operations
  • Multiple corner radii for rounded rectangles should now be specified using the semi-colon separator, not the backslash. Because of this, the corner radius text field now supports math functions as well
  • You can now select multiple Pages at the same time to delete them
  • We’ve updated our About window with a brand new look
  • The Flip controls now show an active state when a layer has been flipped horizontally or vertically
  • The Save as Template dialog now pre-fills with the document’s name
  • Holding the Option key in the vector editor no longer hides all points
  • When dragging a vector handle control point, you can now hold Shift to lock it to the direction of the opposite control point
  • A path consisting of only two points will add points to the start of the line when the first point is selected
  • The menu for swapping Symbol instances now respects the same grouping and sub-menus that appear under Insert › Symbol
  • Reduces memory usage while using Mirror
  • The File › New From Template menu has been restored
  • Improves performance when combining many non-overlapping shapes
  • Improves performance when editing Symbol instances in large documents with many (nested) Symbols


  • Fixes a bug where you could change the opacity of an Artboard by using the 0-9 keys on the keyboard
  • Fixes a bug in the vector editor where the handle control points would be wrongly affected when you changed the X and Y values in the Inspector
  • Fixes a bug where color-adjusted bitmaps would be displayed at the wrong resolution
  • Fixes a bug that could stop you from applying an override on a nested Symbol
  • Fixes a bug where switching between vector point types could cause its Bézier curve to move slightly
  • Fixes a bug when inserting a Symbol, previews would not display their text layers
  • Fixes a bug when exporting a Symbol to SVG, nested Symbols could show the wrong override
  • Fixes a bug where copying SVG code for a Symbol wouldn’t work as expected
  • Fixes a bug where a point prepended to the path would be weirdly aligned with the Shift key
  • Improves SVG exporting by adding support for even-odd and non-zero winding rules
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch would not export certain shapes to SVG correctly
  • Fixes a bug where the zoom tool couldn’t be activated using the Z key after picking a layer from the shortcut menu
  • Fixes a possible crash when copying-and-pasting Shared Text Styles
  • Fixes a bug in indicating the correct Page when selecting multiple Pages and switching between them
  • Fixes a bug where dragging whilst holding the spacebar halfway through a regular drag could leave artefacts on the Canvas
  • Fixes a performance bug where the Layer List could be refreshed too many times after a selection changed
  • Symbol instances are now properly exported at the right size in SVG
  • Fixes a bug where Command-dragging a handle control point would hide the vector handles too
  • Fixes a bug where copying CSS attributes could give subtly different values for line spacing
  • Fixes a bug where changing paragraph spacing wouldn’t let you update the Text Style
  • Fixes a bug where SVG import would ignore line cap and joins for strokes
  • Fixes a bug where vector points dragged horizontally with the Shift key could be misplaced when they got too close to guides
  • Fixes a bug where text editing would not correctly distinguish between line and paragraph breaks
  • Fixes a bug where the vector editor could misplace points when selecting them in rare cases
  • Fixes a bug where white-to-black angular gradients would not be saved properly
  • Fixes a few scaling and rotation bugs when importing an SVG
  • Fixes a number of SVG importing bugs
  • Fixes a bug where a hidden or locked layer would break the layer selection cycle with the Tab key
  • Fixes a bug where some SVG shapes would be imported with black fills
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards could be drawn with reduced opacity inherited from a certain default style
  • Fixes a bug where gradients with points close together could drop stops unexpectedly
  • Fixes a bug where the height of text layer could subtly increase between initial insertion and being selected again
  • The Sketch Cloud popover now properly detects when a shared document has been removed
  • Improves Undo reliability when editing text
  • Fixes a bug in the vector editor where changing point’s coordinates in the Inspector would not also move any control points
  • Fixes a bug where using math operators in text fields with decimal values could fail with certain System locales
  • Fixes a subtraction bug in vector boolean operations
  • Fixes an SVG exporting bug where not all rounded corners in a rectangle would be correctly exported
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash when replacing a sub-path in a shape with a Symbol




  1. 将DMG包中的 拖入 “应用程序”,并运行,等待程序在/Library/Application Support/建立必要的文件。
  2. 运行DMG包中的sketch_v3


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