Alpha Omega 1.2 考验人英语词汇量的益智游戏

Alpha Omega 1.2 考验人英语词汇量的益智游戏

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最新版本 1.2
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游戏并没有明确的步数限定,然而假若你的某一步交换使得横、竖两条线上的单词都错得面目全非,系统便会将那两条线上的字母全都变成红色,让你无法再点,只能从新来过。初次玩,它会免费送给你 10 个提示,小编建议大伙儿悠着点用,毕竟 360 关可不是那么好对付的。游戏背景音很舒缓,还是蛮适合众位英语达人闲时消遣的。

“The visuals are gorgeous... typography is stunning... the soundtrack is also tranquil and atmospheric” - AppAdvice

"If you’re after a relaxed but challenging word game, Alpha Omega has you covered fairly nicely.” - 148Apps

Can you solve each crossword puzzle, with only the first and last letters as your guide?

CLUES EVERYWHERE… Each level is full of clues to reveal. Once you are able to decipher a word others will begin to reveal themselves... As words are solved the puzzle's overall clue will reveal itself as well!

ONLY STARTS EASY… Journey across hundreds of levels from Alpha to Omega within a unique game board laid out according to the Greek alphabet.

OVER 1000 LEVELS INCLUDED... After you've graduated from the "Classic" level pack - or whenever you're ready - jump right into challenging level packs which are all included. More content is released regularly!

RELAXING GAMEMPLAY… No rush here! Take your time to think as a beautiful ambient soundtrack by instrumental artist Elskavon accompanies gameplay...

MUSIC PLAYER... Want to play a specific song or simply listen to music while you work? Just hop on over to the Music Player and the full 2-hour soundtrack is available at your fingertips. Only available for Mac OS X!

COLORFUL THEMES… Change the entire look and feel of the game board!

SYNC YOUR PROGRESS... Keep your progress synchronized between Mac OS X and iOS devices with iCloud!

100% PREMIUM... Everything is included in this premium version of Alpha Omega! Over 1000 levels, unlimited hints and zero in-app purchases.

Can you make it from Alpha to Omega? Download and find out!

And some final important notes for you...

Not all words in each puzzle have first and last letters locked in place, but enough are there to get you started!

Enjoying Alpha Omega? We sure hope so! If you don't mind leaving a good review in the Mac App Store we'd appreciate it much! And as always, feel free to get in touch at

Thanks for your support!





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